Music Submission Form

This is where you get to share your taste in great music with your fellow residents. All submissions must be in a YouTube video format and contain at least a 1-2 sentence description of why people should listen to this artist/song (sample). Think of it as putting on a song at a house party and telling your friends why it’s awesome.
Note: This is not where you post your own music, you can promote your own music in the Public Forum

Submission Process:

  • Under Title put the Artist Name and Song Name like this: Name of Artist – Name of Song
  • Content: Add your reason why people should listen to the artist/song. You can add links to the artist’s information if you like.
  • Embed Code: Paste the embed code from YouTube (From the video, click share > embed > copy).
  • Select the proper Category(s).

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By pressing the Submit button you agree to allow Music Industry City to publish this submission on your behalf to the Music Industry City platform which may also be publicized in Music Industry City’s email newsletter and on our social media sites.

We support the right to free speech but we reserve the right to exclude posts which we believe to be objectionable or otherwise inappropriate.

Subject to demand, it may take up to two weeks for your submission to be reviewed and posted.